Scary Stories -- October 2014

Recommended for grades 5-8, YA books noted with a *

All titles owned by the BCS Library Media Center -- search the catalog for more info!

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children*

The Dollhouse Murders

Doll Bones

Wait Till Helen Comes

All the Lovely Bad Ones

Invisible World*

Eyeball Collector*

House of Dark Shadows*


Dead is a State of Mind (series)*

Burn Mark / Witch Fire*


Return to Daemon Hall*

Seer of Shadows

Photographer Horace Carpetine is commissioned to do a portrait for society matron Mrs. Frederick Von Macht; however, the photos evoke both the image and the ghost of the Von Macht's dead daughter, Eleanora, who has returned to seek vengence on those who killed her.

Haunting of Derek Stone
Fourteen-year-old Derek Stone's simple life with his father and older brother in New Orleans is thrown into a tailspin when the dead come back to life, and for unknown reasons begin to haunt Derek.

School Spirits