5/6 Book Recommendations: Historical Fiction

YA books noted with a *

All titles owned by the BCS Library Media Center -- search the catalog for more info!

*You can find many more titles available in our library with a quick Destiny search. Try a "historical fiction" subject search, or narrow in on a time in history that you are interested in. For example, you might search up the subject "World War II fiction" to find novels about WWII.

Elijah of Buxton



1867 -- Civil War

One Came Home*

1871 -- American West

Lara's Gift

1914 -- Russia

War Horse

1914-1918, WWI

Al Capone Does My Shirts


Prisoner B-3087

1940s -- WWII Holocaust

Click here for trailer

Elephant Run

1941 -- WWII Burma



My Name is Not Easy*


Inside Out and Back Again

1975 -- Vietnam War